Dustin Wagner

(Musician from Leipzig)

"As a guitarist, I'm a big fan and supporter of vintage equipment."



To my taste, the best guitar sound is in a Marshall Plexi and a Les Paul. When I switched from Marshall with Master Volume to Marshall's SLP hand-wired Plexi in 1959, it was a revelation of headroom and sound to me.

However, the problem that I was carrying around,  was the "danger of hearing damage" that can be caused by a 100 watt Plexi which is, for a long term unbearable and further more completely unacceptable to me. As a musician I am in need of a sane hearing a few more years! The solution is: An Attenuator, Powerbreak, Powersoak and the technical terms are all! I can now play my Plexi without being shooed away from the stage by the sound engineer. That was a huge progress - a disadvantage remained however: „How do I bring my solo volume to the forefront?“. If you want to pull the Plexi, turn it up so far that the power amplifier saturates. The perfect sound for me is located level 7 (volume potentiometer at about 2pm).

How do I lift my guitar solo?

Distorting Floor Pedals are not an option for me.  - I want the pure Plexi sound!!!

A Booster would be possible - but Boosters do not boost volume, when the Plexi is already tearing - the distortion then only increases. So, for me that is not an option!

Thus, I thought - an Attenuator with two different, switchable volume levels would be the solution. I have known "hEDEL Amplifications" for a long time. So, I asked the owner, Mono, and he started the development.

The final result is a Dual Power Break® with two volume levels – a Footswitch! By two pots, I just select both, rythm and lead volumes and switch between them. It could not be better! You know? The Sound is the same at both volumes, but you get the eagerly desired volume boost.

The Dual Power Break from "hEDEL Amplifications" can provide impedances of 4, 8 and 16 ohms. If you (like me) want, you can even play Fullstack and operate which cools the whole system continuously. The system creates a brutal amount of heat, if you try to keep 100 Tube Watts in check. This also makes it possibly to pack the Dual Power Break quickly after the concert - you do not burn your fingers and the carrying case does not burn.

Sonically, an attenuator is a hotly discussed topic. Many argue that - "it cuts the heights" or "a power break reduces the sound" or „It's not the same with Power Break“ (etc.), I sourced countless forums, worried in advance and didn't find a solution.

The Dual Power Break from "hEDEL Amplifications" is sonically open, leaves the headroom completely untouched and does not make you feel like you have changed the sound.

In my opinion, the sonic losses that many forum participants complain about are not the principal fault of the attenuator, even though there are some bad attenuators on the market which might effect the sound).

The sonic changes rather occur due to the fact that your ear just has a different perception when the volume changes! In my opinion, that is the main point. The human ear perceives low and high frequencies more identically at high volume levels than at lower levels - I would like to add as a side note: „A Power Break steals the heights“. If you could make the Plexi more quiet from scratch, the same thing would happen.

A good power break like "hEDEL Amplification" has nothing to do with this problem.

As a vintage fan, a puristic sound is enormously important to me. I pay close attention to sound losses and sound changes. In the Dual Power Brake, by Mr. Hedel, I do not miss any sound, any pressure or dynamics. An that's how I imagine it.

I can accept, that my hearing at low levels now perceives something different! Because what choice do I have? Kill my ears with pure 100 watts? Definitely not.

Other solutions to get the volume of the amp down (remove two power tubes, install a master volume, previous saturation, etc.), makes the sound really change a lot which makes it a different amplifier - not an option for me!

I can only recommend that everyone gives the Dual Power Break a try! Because other solutions to get the amp down (remove two power tubes, install a master volume, previous saturation, etc.), the sound really change a lot now and you really get another amp in front of your nose - not an option for me!

A good power break, with two volume channels that are foot-switched, two speaker outputs, and a circuit that lets the original sound pass, is what I need and what makes it possible for me to use a Marshall Plexi 100 Watt.

hEDEL Amplification built this Power Break for me. Thank you very much.


PS: It's always the issue of durability

• I have been using the hEDEL Dual Power Break® for over a year in constant use!

• There has been no damage, no problems with the Power Break, and everything is fine with the amp!

• An absolute recommendation!


Written by Dustin Wagner


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